There’s a lot that went into the DU Fit apparel product today’s kids are wearing. Here are a quick couple of snapshots that charted our journey from fabric shopping to finished product.


From the beginning the motivation to create our own custom clothes was complete design control. The plain solid colours and box-like fit of pre-sewn garments just did not cut it as we evolved as a brand. Inspiration was around every corner and we needed our products to reflect that.


To realy SEE the garment before it was made without wasting too much fabric we cut mini versions of our designs. The urge to get into doll clothing was highest at this point.


The fit is all in the pattern. The Du Fit you see today was a product of many unstitched garments, late nights, unconventional measurements and a hand full of crazy ideas.


Colourful bristol board patterns kept things fun! They also helped to clearly separate sizes and designs. Most importantly though, Willy Wonka would have wanted it that way.

The creative process is never ending and we are always on the lookout for new ideas. If you have any comments on your Du Fit garment please don’t hesitate to drop us a line!