The Brose Farm Jam 2016
Kesley Chiappa - Summer 2015 Wakeboard recap

Kelsey Chiappa having some fun on a wakeboard.

Filmed by: Carlo Mion, Alex Trudel, Etienne Cote, Dannick Plante, Craig McCallion

Video Premiere: We Were Sharks – “Without You”
New Music: We Were Sharks
Philly Moves - Weakday / Fool's Gold

Check out the premiere for “Weakday/Fool’s Gold” by @phillymoves:

Momentum Ski Camp Highlight Reel 2014 | Carlo Mion

In the summer of July 2014, I got the opportunity to work with Momentum Ski Camps on the Blackcomb glacier.  I was working alongside Graeme Meiklejohn filming and producing the weekly recap videos.  During this time I was learning the ins and outs of glacier life and skiing the best park Blackcomb has to offer.  It was a long month of filming, editing, skiing, drinking, partying, no sleeping and sun burning, but wouldn’t have traded it for anything else.  I have put together my hightlights from throughout the month into a short video for your enjoyment.

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Sick Individuals & Ariyan - Olympia - OUT NOW!
Alexi Godbout | Blackcomb Destruction