*du – [doo!] Pronoun, Adj, Verb

  • 1. DU is Swedish for YOU.
  • a. You DU YOU.
  • 2. Something that is unreal or gnarly.
  • a. Manotick is such a du town.
  • 3. Performance of an activity that is unreal or gnarly.
  • a. This is how we du.


DU Lifestyle is a brand from Ottawa, Canada but not limited. We design and produce apparel and media for a life influenced by music, art, sport & travel.

DU ultimately means YOU – derived from the Swedish word ‘you’.

Creativity and passion flow through our network of friends and family. Our goal is to connect people through our apparel and start conversation where there is none. The DU Crew are individuals from all walks of life who influence what we share in hopes to inspire and experience new ideas.

We strive for sustainable quality and continuous innovation to create remarkable products. By challenging conventional methods of manufacturing and through constant search for new material and fabrics, our products keep the necessary functional edge and keep you looking DU!