The product I want is not there, when will you be getting it in again?

For the most part what we have in stock will not get printed again unless it is a popular design or big seller. Send us a message and we can clarify.

Do you have sizing information for your products?

We sure do. Head over to the sizing info section or email us if you have any further questions.

How do I get some stickers/decals?

Stickers come free with any order! or send a self addressed envelope with postage to

DU Lifestyle Company Inc.
147 Lochnaw Pvt.
Ottawa, ON

and we’ll send you a bunch!!

How do I get sponsored?

Getting sponsored by DU Lifestyle sure isn’t the easiest thing in the world but it isn’t impossible either. Before you send us anything take a deep breath, proofread, colour correct and polish. Send us your “portfolio” (action shots, contest results, magazine coverage, photos and video) but more importantly include why you think you’d fit with the rest of the family. We look forward to seeing your best stuff. is broken!

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