Kelsey Chiappa - Ottawa Sun - Hope Beach July 14th 2013


Algonquin Times: Nov. 25 2012

Nov 22 2012

Algonquin Times: Oct. 25 2012

 Oct 25 2012

Ottawa Citizen - Philly Moves

Philly Moves – Ottawa Bluesfest – Ottawa Citizen – July 2012

DU Rave X Running Room

@durJC ran in the Ottawa Race Weekend wearing her pink DU Rave tank. She made it into the Running Room magazine!

Jen Crichton

Le Droit Newspaper [DU Crew Sponsorship] - March 30th 2012 (Ottawa U)

Max Morello [Team DU] - SBC Skier Magazine Winter 2012

Ottawa Citizen - Home Page Business Section

Carlo Mion [Team DU] in the Charleton (Carleton University Newspaper)

Jen Crichton [Team DU] in SBC Skier Magazine