We announced back in January that Jack Reginato joined Team Du.  He sent some footage to us of him doing his thing down under.  We’re all super excited to see how he does in the competitions he competes in this summer.  Check the video out below, it features a new song by SHARKS! entitled ‘When Push Comes To Shove.’

A while back Philly Moves made a video with Yeah Films Company for their song Summer Breeze and Tynan was rocking the newest of the du tees.  You can order it online or order locally just email us! 


First off we would like to say Happy Valentines day to everyone! Hope you had a good day n night! 

Yesterday I (Marco) met up with Miguel over at Yeah Films Company and tossed him some shirts.  He’s going to put together a commercial for us repping some du apparel! We’re all pretty stoked to see how it turns out.  I met him at Josh Todd’s house also the set of the new Lost Years video.  My car and myself we’re both used in the video.  Josh and Miguel just pump out videos and they all turn out amazing. Stay tuned for those!

We posted a video last night from footage we have been collecting on all our trips to Mont-Tremblant this new year.  Most of them tie in with Campus Vacation SnowJam trips so we decided to make it a promo video for them! 

We will be posting a new t-shirt tomorrow night along with a new video.  Check back tomorrow night to check out the new shirt! 

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.