Max Morello | Better Days

I threw a short video of our trip to Mt Hood, Oregon with our intended song.  We ended up going with something more upbeat, but I felt the need to have this footage edited to this specific song as we planned.

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Robyn Shaw: Behind The Scenes | OCADU 100th Grad Ex

Robyn Marie Shaw takes you behind the scenes of her preparation before her final school project for OCADU’s 100th GRAD EX.

Momentum Ski Camp Highlight Reel 2014 | Carlo Mion

In the summer of July 2014, I got the opportunity to work with Momentum Ski Camps on the Blackcomb glacier.  I was working alongside Graeme Meiklejohn filming and producing the weekly recap videos.  During this time I was learning the ins and outs of glacier life and skiing the best park Blackcomb has to offer.  It was a long month of filming, editing, skiing, drinking, partying, no sleeping and sun burning, but wouldn’t have traded it for anything else.  I have put together my hightlights from throughout the month into a short video for your enjoyment.

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Carlo Mion | Season 2013/2014

Taking a step back from the past few videos, Carlo Mion now has the camera pointed on himself.  Moving to Whistler, Blackcomb in October 2013 put him in front some of the best terrain he’s ever skied.  These are some of the best clips he scored last season.

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Brenden Reid | Winter Extras
Alexi Godbout | Blackcomb Destruction
Morellos Summer

After a amazing month up on Blackcombs glacier, we travelled to Mt. Hood, Oregon with Max Morello to take part in a new game called SLVSH.  We found some time when he wasn’t competing to take a few laps of our own and try to stack some footage for a soon to be summer edit.  Once back home, rope swings and lakes were in full force.  We took the camera out, got a few more shots, and put together our amazing summer into a short video.

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Phil Clairoux | Backyard Outrage
Do It Yourself: Video Release Party
Halfcab Productions Presents | Do It Yourself: Teaser