Laura Scavo X DU LifestyleWe teamed up with Laura Scavo and Sounds of Waves to deliver you a deep Warmer Days 005.

Are you wondering who Laura Scavo is:

Laura Scavo is no stranger to the underground scene. Fueled by her passion and love for music, she spent the last several years sampling some of her most important influences from across the globe. Doing so, she developed her own unique style which is manifested through her captivating performances. Crafted with great attention, her sets deliver deep and sexy bouncy rhythms with euphoric and soulful breaks that will cast a spell on the audience and keep them on their toes throughout her entire set.

Over the past year, Laura has been making an impression on the Montreal scene, scoring gigs in clubs such as Passport, Le Cinq, Kanalbar, Redroom and being involved in one of the summers most forward-thinking events named Clockwork. More recently, she’s made her first international appearance at the legendary Pacha NYC. With a few productions cooking in the studio as well, this is just the beginning for the young and talented artist. Her charming aura will keep you wanting more on and off the dance floor.

Warmer Days 005