We here at Decent Urban Rails think that you should look your best no matter where you are. Now that it’s summer and the sun is shining you really have the chance to look unreal.  With summer comes parties and with parties off comes your shirt (read below.) 
Follow these for your best look.
12 Rules in tanning:
1. You look good; show some skin.
2. The sun moves; follow it.
3. Raccoons are rodents; take your sunglasses off.
4. White thighs are white lies; pull your shorts up.
5. Don’t cast shadows; your friends won’t tan right.
6. You’re not a lobster-red skin is dead skin; put some lotion on.
7. Human’s don’t shed skin-put some aloe on and don’t be a snake.
8. Keep the oil in the kitchen; use sunscreen.
9. Get wet; the best tans are achieved in the water.
10. Oranges are for Vitamin C; stay away from bronzers.
11. 11 to 2 figure it out.

12. Working out before you tan? Refer to rule number one.

Get excited for Canada Day!