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This Saturday, September 15th is the annual Brose Farm Night Jam near Golden Lake! If you are an experienced rider, just around the area or want something new and fun for your Saturday head out here to watch some amazing riding from talent all over, share some good beats and a crazy after party!

DU Crew rider Jay Leroux will be there competing, say hi, and give him a high five!

Here was last years event:

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Progression in the sport of freeski today is out of control, almost to the point were many riders cannot keep up.  This past year Austin clearly defined progression with his big bag of tricks exploding everyday his feet touched the snow.  With his desire to ride and his helpful hands behind editing, Austin was a perfect match for the DU family.  We look forward to seeing more from Austin as he ventures off into the west, taking his new bag of tricks into the big mountains at Whistler, Blackcomb.

Welcome to the Family!

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