Well seems like everyone’s getting it so might as well get everyone up to speed on everyones usernames!

We’ll start with the owners:

(Click on the username to follow them now; highly recommended!)

Du – @duRails
Marco – @durMarco
Dave – @durDave

Team Du:

Jesse – @jcaletti
Carlo – @durCarlo
Libby – @libby_girl
Katey – @Katey_Mo
Max – @elmorello

Du Crew:

Stefano – @durStefano
Rudy – @duRudy
Little Alexa Photo – @Durlittlealexa 
Philly Moves – @phillymoves
SHARKS! – @radsharks 
The 1Eight – @YoungTriscuit
The Knwldg – @theknwldg
Yeah Films Co. – @yfcandme

Du Models
Steph – @steezy_tee
Monica – @monlic9
Haley – @duhaleydea
Alana – @alanaarkell

Huge list! If you want us to follow you or get on our #FF be sure to tweet at us during the week and hashtag #ducrew.

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