DU Fitness Square


Welcome to the Du Fitness Monthly blog!

Stay tuned for monthly posts containing information and opinion regarding current topics in health and fitness so that you may live the Du lifestyle to the fullest.

Below I will outline what to expect from the DU Fitness Monthly. But first, to answer a question Iʼm sure youʼve been wondering… Why stay fit?

In order to embrace the du lifestyle you must keep an able body. Whether you’re shredding pow, surfing waves, playing hockey, or meditating on a long run it is important to maintain a certain level of strength, endurance and mobility so that you may continue to push yourself beyond your limit.

Staying fit is how you will live Du as best as possible, for as long as possible.


Movement Of The Month

This is where things start to get spicy — moving around is what I love the most. Whether itʼs lifting heavy or running fast, as athletes (and just plain humans), we are always searching for better ways to improve performance and feel good doing it!

Every month I will highlight a movement that I think is important, cool, or maybe just plain popular. When possible I will post a video to provide more in depth explanations (seeing is believing!) and provide a workout that incorporates the movement.


Meal Of The Month

If moving around is what I love the most, then food is a close second.

I will pick my favourite meal from each month and document it here complete with pictures and prep outline. Most meals will be homemade with an easy to follow recipe – should you choose to venture into the kitchen yourself. However, the odd restaurant meal may find its way on here as well.


Must Reads

In this section I will provide a collection of articles, blog posts, or anything else that I think you should read because: 1) itʼs probably awesome, and 2) you can read for a lot longer than I can write. Who am I to hold you back, right?