Stoked to be a part of another summer at The Brose Farm Jam!
We’ll have the DU tent sent up with all our apparel for sale. Be sure to come out to enjoy the sun, sports and music!
See you there.
The Brose Farm Jam 2016

Robyn Marie Shaw takes you behind the scenes of her preparation before her final school project for OCADU’s 100th GRAD EX.

With some extra time on our hands we are sorting through and posting a lot of leftovers and extra footage from the past season.  Keep your eyes open for more of these short videos to come!

Brenden was on a complete slay last year and most of the time had a ton of extra footage that just couldn’t fit into our edits.  This is from one day in February at Blackcomb Park.


This summer Austin got to live in Whistler digging for Momentum Ski Camps.  Props out to the filmers and exposure kids that helped donate footage to put this together!


Kelsey wasn’t able to snowboard while out west due to a knee injury, but she was able to take in the beauty of a hike up to the famous Chief in Squamish.  Here are a couple shots from an awesome day.

The Chief-Hike from Jessy Desjardins on Vimeo.

Film/Edit:  Jessy Desjardins

2013 was a crazy season for the DU family.  Together the team managed to rack up over a dozen podium wins around the Quebec, Ontario and Whistler regions.  Our artists played at some of the biggest festivals in the province and spun at the biggest nightclubs in North and South America.  We may not have made it to all, but in 2013, DU Media set off to capture a few of the journeys that follow our lifestyle.  We put together this short video to show a little of our background, this is DU and this is our family.

Shot and Cut:  Carlo L. Mion

Additional Footage:  Will Blackwell

Shot on Location:  The Brose Farm, Canadian Wakesurf Championships, Bluesfest, Beachclub, Mont Tremblant, Edelweiss, Mont St Marie

Athletes and Artists:  Ariyan, Deirdre Barnes, Philly Moves, Kelsey Chiappa, Dom Sirois, Jay Leroux, Seb Eaves, Carlo Mion, Phil Clairoux, Austin De Ste Croix, John Leslie




DU Winter 2013
DU Winter 2013
DU Winter 2013
DU Winter 2013