To live and invite you to join us in our lifestyle and associated activities that exemplify our values:

Mysteriously general corporation – “we du everything”

Be du by being you:

  • Live free, have fun, do what you like
  • Ride hard, don’t hold back, wear your insides out (also is kinda like ‘be genuine and honest’)

Family First:

  • Joining skiers & boarders
  • Friends make up our company (as could your friends yours)
  • Merge friendly exchanges with business exchanges

Love the Outdoors and Activity (also kinda ‘environmental and physical health respect’)

Simplistic, Sustainable, Share-able Economy (also encourage recycled and minimal capital solutions)

Business or Pleasure? Both, business is our pleasure

  • Business ≈ Partying
  • Networking ≈ Socializing
  • Humor is important (≈ ‘free’ fun) (also ‘don’t take things so seriously after all its just for fun’)
  • Business can be humorous and still productive

Music is important (also art in general)

The internet connects.