We woke up to snow in the village and even more snow up the mountain (plus Moguls coffee, duh).  We started the day off around 7th Heaven on Blackcomb and scored some pretty fun turns.  The snow wasn’t letting up and DC joined the party mid-morning.  He brought us over to some more serious stuff (for a bunch of Larry-East coasters).  I personally have barely ever skied powder and was losing my mind over some of the things we did & saw today.   Dave led us into upper Sapphire (totally cool, calm & collected – not scared at all) and onward to some other nice bowls.  The visibility was shit and I’m quite lucky to have pounded into a snow drift off of a drop (invisible to me – in the middle of a bowl) instead of rocks.  Today was a miniature, tiny, joke of a glimpse into what real skiing is.  I’m insanely humbled and stoked.

Oh hey der!

Safely into Sapphire.

Chocolat chaud.

Blackcomb glacier.

Mountain moving machines.

Meeeeeeeeerrrrrrrlins! + KGold.  Da best.

Sun peaks out at the end of the day.

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes…

5 beans, 2 chopsticks, 1 hand… GO!

Sake marg can be blamed for this photo.

KFC roll.