Sharks decides to change their name to We Were Sharks to avoid confusion with the Sharks UK band.  You can find everything you need to know including concert dates, pictures, and music through the following links;

They have a show coming up in Kingston presented by Decent Urban Rails, click on the flyer for the event page!

You can check out a video they did from their Trip out to Halifax! 

SHARKS! made it home from their East Coast tour today! Their next show is coming up on March 31st at the Live Lounge in Ottawa.

Philly Moves recently filmed a new music video for their track called Beats Me.  It will be coming out next week on their YouTube channel. You can also check out this video they did about their Cross Canada Tour.

Carleton University is holding their 6th annual rail jam – JIBTEST! Carlo will be competing in it so go check that out this Friday @2pm.

I’m headed to Florida for Ultra Music festival Thursday night. I’m meeting up with Rudy so if you or any of your friends want to party with us let’s get it going!


The bands we support have some pretty big shows/tours coming up.  Find out if they’ll be in your city below! 

Philly Moves
Sun. Mar. 13th: SIG Awards Gala @ PARLIAMENT


11-03-05 19:00 Underworld – Montreal, QC
11-03-16 19:00 MAVERICKS – Ottawa, ON
11-03-17 19:00 Knights of Columbus Hall – Amherst, NS
11-03-18 19:00 The Oasis – Halifax, NS
11-03-18 19:00 The Pavillion – Halifax, NS
11-03-19 19:00 Trenton Youth Center – Trenton, NS
11-03-20 19:00 Bridgewater Kinsmen Club – Bridgewater, NS
11-03-21 19:00 Basement Show – Halifax, NS
11-03-22 19:00 D-Tox (Acoustic) – Dartmouth, NS


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Carlo, Blake and Stefano both departed for Whistler today to join the adventures of Max and Jesse.  It’s been snowing like crazy over there so they’ll have some good pow skiing for the week! Our girl Natalie and buddy Dan are both out there as well enjoying the snow! Give them a shout if you’re in the area and want to du a few runs! 

I’ll be on the road playing a few shows with SHARKS! in Cambridge and Whitby. Gonna dip to Tremblant for some skiing and the infamous Apres Ski with Tobin.  

Everyone who’s on break this week or travelling have a du time make some du friends and listen to some du tracks! 


Jesse left us (Ottawa) on Monday in hopes to find the American Dream.  Well not really… He went to live in Whistler for 3 months.  Carlo, Stefano, Dan and Blake will all be joining this trip in a weeks time.  Look out for some footage from that trip.  You’ll probably see Max in there as well. 

We’re almost done our Campus Vacations promo video from these past ragers up at Tremeblant. It’s looking pretty fun! 

Philly Moves has a bunch of shows coming up so if you’re in the area you should definitely check them out! Mac Miller show and Canadian Music week are going to be some awesome shows for them. 

Feb 10th At Live Lounge, Ottawa
Feb 18th At Phatty Kats, Cornwall
Mar 3rd At Ritual W/ Mac Miller, Ottawa
Mar 11th At The Painted Lady, Toronto (CMW)

SHARKS! has a bunch of shows coming up as well including an East Coast tour. Some shows to check out would be with The Wonder Years/Man Overboard in Montreal and Kid Liberty in Ottawa. You can see the rest of their schedule here.