Check out a new video from our boys in Philly Moves!

Carlo (wearing a green hoodie) had some fun at Jibtest last Friday at Carleton University here’s a little video that Slaysh made up!

Marco, Rudy and Craig had some fun in Miami at the Ultra Music Festival… we posted some pictures on our Facebook page and Marco posted some videos on his YouTube Channel. 

SHARKS! made it home from their East Coast tour today! Their next show is coming up on March 31st at the Live Lounge in Ottawa.

Philly Moves recently filmed a new music video for their track called Beats Me.  It will be coming out next week on their YouTube channel. You can also check out this video they did about their Cross Canada Tour.

Carleton University is holding their 6th annual rail jam – JIBTEST! Carlo will be competing in it so go check that out this Friday @2pm.

I’m headed to Florida for Ultra Music festival Thursday night. I’m meeting up with Rudy so if you or any of your friends want to party with us let’s get it going!