We had some shots left over from spring in Mont Tremblant with Phil Langevin. Coming in full throttle at the age of 11, we couldn’t let these shots go to waste! We are stoked for the bright future ahead of him!

Ski: Phil Langevin

Shot/Cut: Carlo L. Mion

Song:  Rockwell of Philly Moves  – Horace Andy

If you’re as active as we are and love the outdoors/inside a concert hall, then you’ll find these 100% UV protected sunglass perfect for any activity that you pursue! (May be used for partying!)
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We here at Decent Urban Rails think that you should look your best no matter where you are. Now that it’s summer and the sun is shining you really have the chance to look unreal.  With summer comes parties and with parties off comes your shirt (read below.) 
Follow these for your best look.
12 Rules in tanning:
1. You look good; show some skin.
2. The sun moves; follow it.
3. Raccoons are rodents; take your sunglasses off.
4. White thighs are white lies; pull your shorts up.
5. Don’t cast shadows; your friends won’t tan right.
6. You’re not a lobster-red skin is dead skin; put some lotion on.
7. Human’s don’t shed skin-put some aloe on and don’t be a snake.
8. Keep the oil in the kitchen; use sunscreen.
9. Get wet; the best tans are achieved in the water.
10. Oranges are for Vitamin C; stay away from bronzers.
11. 11 to 2 figure it out.

12. Working out before you tan? Refer to rule number one.

Get excited for Canada Day! 

Wow Wee that took a long time for us to get this site up and running. 

Being full time students, working full time and playing in bands plus partying hardur than you can really leave little time for the actual business (even though we work on weekends.) We bring to you the durails.com site update 2.0 with many thanks to Jonny Rockwell, team du, du crew, and the du models of course! 

Take a look around we’ve added a few new hookups and a couple new bands to our roster.  We’ve also added a new rider to our team! He is a 13 year old surfer from Australia and his name is Jack Reginato.  We’ll put a video together of him in the near future.  

We’ve added sweaters, underwear and a couple new tees to our du apparel site and you can order it directly from there. 

Keep checking back for news and updates on everything du.  This just got a lot easier to update! 

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