Max Morello, Jordon Innes, Ryan German and Carlo Mion packed up the truck and headed from Whistler, BC to War of Rails in Bear Mountain, California.  Max got a spot in the am qualifications and managed to pull off a 3rd place in finals.  This carved himself a spot in pro qualifications the following day.  Battling through miracle march, Max nailed a 4th place finish in the pro category.  Heres a couple of his runs from the competition.

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Produced and Edited:  Carlo L. Mion

Skiing By:  Max Morello

Music:  Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat – Mexicali Run


Philly Moves

DU Lifestyle Apparel is very proud to announce The Tour of LA feat Philly Moves beginning at the end of August.

They’re flying down to Los Angeles, California for a 7 night, 5 show tour from August 21st to 28th, the shows are as follows:

08/22 – The Central

08/23 – The Roxy, On the Rox

08/24 – The Vortex

08/25 – The Tribal Cafe

08/26 – The Little Joy

If you’re in Los Angeles, get to one of these shows.