After a very successful day at the third annual Brose Farm Jam, the man Josh Brose and Carlo Mion thought it would be a amazing idea to get a few of the top riders back out to the farm for a private shoot.  The perfectly shaped three jump line was ready to go and all the riders were stoked to drop in!  Toronto based photographer, Brandon Prince was kind enough to come out and take some pictures of all the action!

Photos:  Brandon Prince

Riders:  Jay Leroux, Josh Brose, Steve Moreau, Corry Bemister

Location:  The Brose Farm


Jay Leroux dropping through the start gate.

Jay taking the inside path on the berm.

Jason Leroux trying to squeak by, but Ryan Wright holds down the top spot.

DU Crew rider Jay Leroux takes home 2nd spot in the Provincial Finals for BMX Racing in Milton, Toronto. Almost managing to squeak in 1st but Ryan Wright held down the top spot. Keep up the good work Jay!

To see more of Jay, visit his page or the annual Brose Farm Jam this Saturday!