In the summer of July 2014, I got the opportunity to work with Momentum Ski Camps on the Blackcomb glacier.  I was working alongside Graeme Meiklejohn filming and producing the weekly recap videos.  During this time I was learning the ins and outs of glacier life and skiing the best park Blackcomb has to offer.  It was a long month of filming, editing, skiing, drinking, partying, no sleeping and sun burning, but wouldn’t have traded it for anything else.  I have put together my hightlights from throughout the month into a short video for your enjoyment.

I want to thank John Smart, Graeme Meiklejohn, Colin Sutherland, James Roberts, Kevin McHugh, Anita Facundo, the diggers, all the pros and the rest of the Momentum Ski Camp staff for making it the best month/summer of my life!

Produced and Edited:  Carlo L. Mion

Animation:  Graeme Meiklejohn

Song:  Platoon – Jungle

Skiing (by appearance) – James Woods, Michael Kingsbury, Gus Kenworthy, Sean Petitt, Noah Bowman, Broby Leeds, Brenden Reid, Noah Morrison, ABM, Austin De Ste Croix



This summer Austin got to live in Whistler digging for Momentum Ski Camps.  Props out to the filmers and exposure kids that helped donate footage to put this together!


Austin headed down to Mt.Hood, Oregon from Whistler, BC to ski Timberlines public park during the last few spring days. Liam Upton was behind the lens snagging some shots of Atown slaying the park, and got some laps in with the Hood Crew boys, so many tricks to keep track of!

Ain’t No West Coast Disser! from duMedia on Vimeo.

Skiing and Edit By: Austin De Ste Croix
Filming By: Liam Upton (GGW), The Hood Crew
Song: Keep It Moving by A Tribe Called Quest

Whistler Friends takes you on a daily run through Whistler, Blackcomb’s park.  Spring brought the crew together one last time to get some shots before the season came to a end.  All the homies threw down, learning new tricks and bringing back favourites, we couldn’t have asked for a better two days!

Whistler Friends | Part 2: FUCKIN’ SLUSH from duMedia on Vimeo.

Produced and Edited By: Carlo L. Mion
Skiing By: Austin De Ste Croix, TJ Schiller, Brenden Reid, Noah Bowman, Jordon Innes, Ryan German, Dom Laporte, Max Moffatt, Max Morello
Song: Jungle – X Ambassadors

Austin De Ste Croix and Brenden Reid square off in a game of S.K.A.T.E. in one of the last days at Whistler, Blackcomb.  Carlo also got some closer shots, check the DU team rip it up!

A new year, a new series. This year, DU Media takes you on the mountain on a normal day in the Blackcomb park. Focusing not just on our team, but the entire crew that surrounds us.


Because my friends are just too good to not film.

Whistler Friends | Part 1 from duMedia on Vimeo.

Riders (In Order of Appearance)

Brenden Reid
Austin De Ste Croix
Sean Mcelligott
Simon Stulberg
Ryan German
Dane Degruyter
Jordan Innes
Jarred Martin
Max Morello

Shot and Cut By: Carlo L. Mion

Even though the weather wasn’t cooperative which resulted in getting hammered with two days of rain and far from ideal jumping conditions.  Will Blackwell and Austin De Ste Croix set that all aside and went out for a day and filmed a new day edit!

Two nights after filming, Ghostface performed in Whistler, Blackcomb.  Overall, he put on a great set and Austin managed to battle his spot at the front of the stage the entire night.  Ghostface then opened up with Austins favourite song, which happens to be the song in this edit.

Skiing/Edit By:  Austin De Ste Croix

Filming By :  Will Blackwell

Song:  One – Ghostface

Sean Mcelligott and Austin De Ste Croix spent a couple days tearing up the terrain parks in Whistler, Blackcomb!  The man Will Blackwell managed to catch all the action, check out the double shots they have put together in this fun edit!  Be sure to spot one of the new sample hoodies for the Winter 2013/2014 line worn by Austin.

Skiing By: Sean McElligott, Austin De St Croix
Filming By: Will Blackwell
Edit By: Sean McElligott
Song: All For Tha Cash – Gangstarr

Hey guys!

First blog I’ve ever done, so I figure I’ll just give a little update of whats been happening in the world of A-town.

Recently, the media man Will Blackwell came out to Whistler for a week and it was great time catching up.  We managed to bring the camera out for one day and got alot of shots in my new hoodie provided by the homies! Although, I would have liked to film more jumps, the weather wasn’t cooperative which resulted in getting hammered with two days of rain and far from ideal jumping conditions.

Getting Shots

Getting Shots for a New Day Edit

This week is going to be a little different for me, I am going to be competing in the Canadian Shield slope style comp at Mt. Seymour.  I am hoping the rain and fog calms down and we get some sun for the contest.

For now thanks for checking up on what I have been up to, and expect a new day edit dropping your way!


In the words of:  Austin De Ste Croix

Team rider Carlo Mion headed down to Whistler, Blackcomb and met up with Sean Mcelligott and team rider Austin De Ste Croix. Despite the weather, the champion Nick Gorjup brought out his camera one day and got some shots!  Here is the eighth episode of their video series.  If you have a Newschoolers account check out their NSTV channel and give it a rate!

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