Location: Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA

Race Type: Para-NorAm (Points for Paralympics)

Representing: Canada

After a short flight from Lake Tahoe to Denver it felt like I had stepped out of the West Coast and into Ontario. It was cold! Day one of training at Copper mountain was a very cold day (-25). I had seen videos of the course and was super excited to be able to check it out. After a few inspection runs we started running the course at 50%. It is a super technical and challenging course but a lot of fun. Features come at you very fast and you have to make big body movements to be able to handle it. I also got to meet Shawn Palmer who is an amazing athlete and a legend in the world of boardercross.

On the Road Again On the Road Again

Day two of training I really wanted to step it up. I was hitting features with much more speed and airing others. I was training the course in sections and getting comfortable with the course. It was a very snowy morning at Copper with almost 14 inch’s. While the coaches shovelled out the top features the athletes worked on the bottom. I was very tired after a few powder runs, slipping the course, and training. It was a fun day.

Day three of training is when I tried to link all the section of the course together. This was a difficult task but one of the reason I love boardercross. I spent a lot of time on my butt and head. It feels great to be able to ride a course that really tests my abilities. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to link the course in the way I had planned. I tried really hard but unfortunately a speed check will have to be made.

On the fourth day of training I was extremely tired and sore. This was a bonus training day and I should have taken the day off. I wasn’t feeling proud of my performance on course and wanted to use today to clean up some areas. I learnt my lesson on my first run with a good crash. I hurt my arm and my pride thus calling it a day. I learnt that it is more productive to take a day off then it is to train when you are fatigued and sore. I had a good afternoon of napping followed by a great team dinner. I am feeling good about the course. With a good sleep and using the short training we get before the race I am hoping to perform well

Race Day Copper Mountain Race Day

My goal for the race today is to place top ten. I am happy with my current ranking and do not want to get hurt at this event. The Russian World Cup is a month away and that is where performance is really going to matter. Tomorrow I will be racing smart.

Thank you everyone for the support. I am working my hardest and it feels great to know I have so many great people at my back!

In the words of: John Leslie