Sunday night we checked out Davey in the Fire & Ice show at the base.  They jump through a ring of fire (NBD).  GLC had pitchers of KGold on special.  That obviously turned into trouble.  We struggled in the morning to pack and get out on the hill.  A predicted forecast of a few centimetres turned into huge flakes all day.  We got to the airport super early to meet a Vancouver friend for dinner and then I adventured my way downtown on the Canada Line.  It’s an awesome way to get downtown from YVR and is so clean compared to other city subway trains.  I’m preparing for this terrible red-eye flight back to YYZ then onward to YOW.  I wish I could go MJ-styles and just have a doctor knock me out.

Village stroll.

Burning ring of fire.

The riders were awesome.

Need a beer?

Snow Jam line up for summer 2011.

Turpin showing us around.

I see something du about this photo. 
Struggling hard.

Nuclear snow storm.

Canada line.


Granville Street.