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The Desjardins brothers Jessy and Kevin go on a mission and film two parks in two days. Heading over to local hill Edelweiss then off to Tremblant bringing tricks to both hills and showing their talent on various features!

Editing By: Jessy Desjardins
Skiing/Filming By: Jessy Desjardins, Kevin Desjardins
Song: Fortune Teller – The Rolling Stones

WWS March Tour 2013

The Creators of the Lost Art Tour 2013

Tommy and Lefebvre Freseski starts off the month we take a couple laps with DU team rider Austin De Ste Croix and Sean Mcelligott in Whistler, BC. These two have been doing some great work together, keep up the good work!

Editing By: Sean Mcelligott
Skiing/Filming By: Austin De Ste Croix, Sean Mcelligott
Song: Can’t Wait (Instrumental) – Dr. Dre

Location: Copper Mountain, Colorado, USA

Race Type: Para-NorAm (Points for Paralympics)

Representing: Canada

After a short flight from Lake Tahoe to Denver it felt like I had stepped out of the West Coast and into Ontario. It was cold! Day one of training at Copper mountain was a very cold day (-25). I had seen videos of the course and was super excited to be able to check it out. After a few inspection runs we started running the course at 50%. It is a super technical and challenging course but a lot of fun. Features come at you very fast and you have to make big body movements to be able to handle it. I also got to meet Shawn Palmer who is an amazing athlete and a legend in the world of boardercross.

On the Road Again On the Road Again

Day two of training I really wanted to step it up. I was hitting features with much more speed and airing others. I was training the course in sections and getting comfortable with the course. It was a very snowy morning at Copper with almost 14 inch’s. While the coaches shovelled out the top features the athletes worked on the bottom. I was very tired after a few powder runs, slipping the course, and training. It was a fun day.

Day three of training is when I tried to link all the section of the course together. This was a difficult task but one of the reason I love boardercross. I spent a lot of time on my butt and head. It feels great to be able to ride a course that really tests my abilities. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to link the course in the way I had planned. I tried really hard but unfortunately a speed check will have to be made.

On the fourth day of training I was extremely tired and sore. This was a bonus training day and I should have taken the day off. I wasn’t feeling proud of my performance on course and wanted to use today to clean up some areas. I learnt my lesson on my first run with a good crash. I hurt my arm and my pride thus calling it a day. I learnt that it is more productive to take a day off then it is to train when you are fatigued and sore. I had a good afternoon of napping followed by a great team dinner. I am feeling good about the course. With a good sleep and using the short training we get before the race I am hoping to perform well

Race Day Copper Mountain Race Day

My goal for the race today is to place top ten. I am happy with my current ranking and do not want to get hurt at this event. The Russian World Cup is a month away and that is where performance is really going to matter. Tomorrow I will be racing smart.

Thank you everyone for the support. I am working my hardest and it feels great to know I have so many great people at my back!

In the words of: John Leslie

Junxion Winter DU Classic



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Location: Sierra on the Lake, Lake Tahoe, California, USA

Race Type: Para NorAm (qualifications for Paralympics)

Representing: Canada

Day one of training was a rainy cloudy day, but team Canada made the best they could of it and got the course inspected and running at 70%. It was a easy course to get used to and nothing intimidating to worry about. All about having the proper line through the course to be the fastest.

The second day of training it was still rainy but with having more confidence in the course made it super fun to ride. My goal for today was to get comfortable doubling a roller section in the course. I accomplished this goal and was running the course with a comfortable time.

Dropping Dropping

Finally some sun! The third day for training was awesome! Got the double dialled in and found a super fast line through the course. The snow was much colder today allowing much faster riding. Rode a couple confident runs before ending the not so i would not fatigue myself for the race tomorrow. It was a great day and alot of fun.

Board all waxed and ready for the big race. Board all waxed and ready for the big race.

With race day tomorrow I am pretty nervous but trying to remember the confidence I had through the course today. Going over some video footage I made today and visualizing the course. My goal is to come top ten
tomorrow and second in Canada. I will be racing my hardest and going for goal. I have my line dialled in and feel confident on the double section.

I wanna thank everyone for the continued support and I hope to du you proud!

In the words of: John Leslie